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Dec 21, 2017

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9 Top Tips for Planning a Military Wedding

With members of the military in attendance (particularly any high-ranking officials), security is a much bigger consideration than it might be at a civilian wedding. “Find out in advance if there is anyone who, for security reasons, should not be photographed,” Dominick explains. Then get that list (and possibly a professional headshot of each person) to your photographer so he or she knows who to avoid during the reception and which images shouldn’t be shared publicly. One of the most-anticipated traditions in a military wedding is the saber arch, and while a lot of practice and repetition goes into the daily lives of a member of the armed services, this isn’t one of them. “We make sure to have the wedding party run through this during the ceremony rehearsal,” Dominick says. The location is also key: “For a Navy wedding, the arch takes place indoors. Army and Air Force weddings can have the arch indoors or out,” she explains. “Check with your military guests regarding their preference about where they would like to be seated,” says Dominick. You can seat officials all at the same table, put them in seats of honor, or seat them amongst civilian guests, depending on what they would prefer. Do you love a man in uniform?

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